Welcome Man

The plan offers intervention tools aimed at ensuring an effective response to the need for protection, addressing foreign men residing in Italy. A set of services and CHECK-UPs to assess health are provided for, relying on the finest Italian healthcare.


For foreign men residing in Italy who have not exceeded their 60th year of age. The Integrated plan offers the finest healthcare and a set of protection guaranteeing them, through the introduction of new services: psychological consulting, video and teleconsultation.


This subsidy aims to protect men’s health and provide preventive care, as a fundamental human right.


Hospital and out-of-hospital guarantees, advanced diagnostics, and specialist visits are available.


Hospital guarantees

The plan offers a set of hospital guarantees in the event of hospitalization with or without surgery and of day hospital, for a maximum refund limit €30,000.00. The refund ceilings include, for the 90 days prior to admission, diagnostic tests, medical fees, and specialist visits. During the surgery, the following are refundable, within the established limits: services of the surgeon and of his or her team (assistants, anaesthesiologist, medical and nursing care). The plan also covers the cost of operating room fees, surgical material, of drugs and tests, of therapeutic apparatus and endoprostheses applied during the operation. During the 90 days following hospitalization, diagnostic tests, specialist visits, medical services, physical therapy and re-education treatments, drugs (with doctor’s prescription), and spa treatments (not including hotel expenses) are also covered.

Additional guarantees

The plan provides for a set of refunds in the event of specific operations:

Excimer laser, €1,000.00

Outpatient operations €1,000.00 (performed at accredited medical office)

Appendectomy, Hernias, Cholecystectomy, Varicose veins, Cruciate ligaments / Meniscus €4,000.00

Out-of-hospital guarantees

The “Welcome Man” plan includes a set of refunds for a maximum limit of €2,000.00 for advanced diagnostics as well: Angiography; Phlebography; Scintigraphy; Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); Arthrograms; Bronchography; Mammography; Myelography; Urography; Computed axial tomography (CAT); Digital arteriography; Bronchoscopy.

Among other things, to respond to all unforeseen life events, the plan also provides for a refund of up to €500.00 for visits and checks in the event of illness or injury, in the absence of hospitalization or surgery, by doctor’s prescription indicating the clinical reason. There is also a refund for injury-related dental care, for an amount equal to €1,200.

Other Guarantees

The plan also includes a set of additional services protecting men’s health during all life phases. The plan also includes psychological care. Also included is a set of supplementary services like video consultation and teleconsultation, which will be delivered via the health centre. The plan also includes 24-hour medical consulting by telephone, and hospital centre search and reservation assistance. We also provide an operations centre for searching and reserving specialist visits, diagnostic tests, and blood tests throughout Italy. Moreover, we have included in our services transfer and return to hospital centres anywhere in Italy. The plan also offers a set of home and delivery services for diagnostic results and urgent drugs. If needed, a doctor or even an ambulance will be sent to the patient’s home.


€ 1.000,00


This plan is tacitly renewed with the possibility of cancellation by the insured.


The offered healthcare services can be accessed directly by contacting the Health Centre as follows: National toll-free number: 800.035.666 When calling from abroad: +39.0774.608001 Fax: +39.06.89184300 E‐mail: assistenza@agleasalus.it Address: Via Maremmana, 1, Nerola, Fraz. Acquaviva, Rome


Patients may submit the required documentation in accordance with the conditions provided for in the regulations for joining the healthcare plan.

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