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The service connects you to the finest specialists. The system permits secure and quick interaction between the doctor and patient, while complying with privacy regulations. Consultation can also be obtained, with a guaranteed response within a few hours, for the opinion of a qualified physician. Accessing the service is very simple. Just select the type of doctor you need and enter the description of the problem in the indicated field. At any time, you can share files online as documents (referrals or test results) and images, to help the specialist identify the problem.

Video consultation

Video consultation is an innovative and effective auxiliary remote tool that combines high technology with healthcare excellence. Online consultation is quick and easy. Doctor and patient can interact by video, via PC, smartphone, and tablet. Our platform offers the finest specialists in the medical, clinical, and scientific sectors. In accordance with our protocols, the patient receives remote assistance on symptoms and/or conditions requiring a physician’s immediate response. The service is available for various branches: from general surgery to psychology. It may also be requested for diagnostic orientation. Moreover, the platform’s security makes it possible to exchange clinical documents while guaranteeing the protection of privacy and the safety of the data, just as takes place at the physical office.

You can request Video consultation for

  • Check-ups
  • Second opinions
  • Medical checks
  • Psychological consultation

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